James Hilton Society


2016 Spring Meeting


The Spring Meeting of the Society will take place at Leigh Town Hall on Saturday May 14th commencing at 2pm.  Talks will be given on the following topics:


"Was James Hilton Unique" - a consideration by society chairman, Richard Hughes, of whether or not there were others who made a similar contribution to novel and film at the same period of time.


"Family Recollections of James Hilton" - by family member, Trevor Pound, to include information on James Hilton's family connections to Leigh and anecdotes of James Hilton collected from various family members who knew James. 


Members and non members are welcome to attend.


2016 Annual Meeting


The Society AGM will be held at 2pm on Saturday 24th September at the Leys School in Cambridge (James Hilton's old school), in the recently renamed Hilton Room.  


The Speaker will be John Harding, who is the Registrar of The Leys, Secretary of the Old Leysian Society and author of the excellent History of The Leys.  John Harding will be speaking about James Hilton at the Leys.


Non members are welcome to attend.



Random Harvest

We understand that Warner Brothers in Hollywood are proposing to make a new film version of Random Harvest, something the society very much welcomes as a way of stimulating interest in James Hilton and introducing a new generation to his work.



James Hilton Biography


The long awaited biography being written by American scholar, Frederick Ott is now nearing completion with, we are told, publication planned in the near future.



The Hiltonian


The latest edition of The Hiltonian, the society’s bi-annual journal, is now available. It includes papers on And Now Goodbye, Literary influences on James Hilton, Hilton & Scott Fitzgerald , and Mrs Miniver, both as a book and a film.


Copies at £7.00 each (cheques payable please to The James Hilton Society) can be ordered from the Society Secretary at the following address:


Trevor Pound

James Hilton Society

Pippkin House

Boughton Hall Avenue




GU23 7DF

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